100% Organic Greens with Energizing Herbs
6 g
5 g
PhytoFuel 100% Organic Greens Performance Fuel is a high-quality, nutritionally-dense therapeutic green superfood powder tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of active individuals. Its synergistic combination of 29 organic ingredients includes vegan protein, fiber, grasses, a large variety of vegetables and fruit, microflora, and a blend of herbs that produce energy and promote recovery. This unique combination has also been proven to promote alkalinity, increase resistance to colds and flu, and much more. This great-tasting, premium superfood is a great way to take your health and fitness to new heights.


  • Provides natural energy enhancement
  • Promotes alkaline pH within the body
  • Maintains peak levels of performance
  • Soy, dairy, and gluten free
  • USDA certified organic green/superfood
  • Supports healthy weight loss


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