Are you concerned about the contents of your vitamins, minerals, herbs, protein powders or other supplements? So are we.

Douglas Labs

DouglasLabs_logo We are proud to work in partnership with Douglas Laboratories®, which has been the choice for thousands of healthcare professionals for over 50 years. This partnership allows us to ensure only the highest quality products are produced.


All manufacturing is performed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that complies with federal FDA and Health Canada regulations. Modern climate controlled facilities include over 200,000 square feet of world class manufacturing, two-in house laboratories and packaging and distribution capabilities. Douglas Laboratories® rigorous manufacturing practices and procedures ensures exceptional quality through every step of production. Finished products are retained one year past the product expiration date for ongoing quality control.

Raw Materials/Ingredients.

Sourcing of all raw materials comes from only trusted suppliers who meet rigorous testing and quality criteria.  This ensures all products are made using only the highest quality raw materials, which have been tested for quality, potency, heavy metals, pesticides and microbes. All certified organic ingredients are produced following the stringent guidelines as set forth by the National Organic Program.

Green Initiative

Douglas Laboratories® is committed to environmental preservation and have taken action steps to find viable ways in reducing their carbon footprint. Approaching many issues from several different angles; using recyclable paper and boxes, biodegradable packing material, 95% recyclable plastics free of bisphenol-A and 20% of their electricity is generated from renewable ‘green’ sources, is just some of the new initiatives taken.

Douglas Labs Certifications

ISO_9001-2000ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 17025 Accreditation

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of International Standards. When comparing supplement suppliers, ask them for verification of their laboratories.


qaiQAI Certified Organic

QAI assures compliance with organic standards under the National Organic Program for producers, processors, private labelers, distributors, retailers, restaurants and facilities.


GMP for Sport_ Mark2NSF Certified for Sport Manufacture

NSF Certified for Sport™ is a well respected and recognized global third party certification program. Participating manufacturers must meet NSF’s stringent independent certification process guidelines, to ensure that no banned substances enter their facility.



GMP MarkGMP Registered

A good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a term that is recognized worldwide for production and testing practices that helps to ensure consistent quality product.





Avive Naturals


Avive has developed numerous high standard quality assurance practices for the safe storage, handling and compounding of raw ingredients. They use only the highest quality, pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients.

Their products are stored in a dust, temperature and humidity controlled environment to ensure the stability of the ingredients that are used in the patient’s formulas.

All ingredients are quarantined upon receipt at our facility, until which time the manufacturer certificates of analysis are verified and we test every ingredient in their own quality control laboratory for various microbes, yeasts and molds. Ingredients are not sent into the compounding laboratory until all the necessary testing is completed and are also removed from the facility once the expiration dates have arrived.

Avive’s testing protocols include:

  • Microbiological testing;
  • Physical tests to ensure content, quality and purity.

Any ingredient not meeting strict specifications is returned to the manufacturer.

Finished products

All compounded formulas are bottled in pharmaceutical grade containers with tamper evident seals applied to the lid. The formulas are audited before they are released from our facility. This auditing includes verification of  lot numbers, weights, densities, dosages, physical characteristics and overall appearance.

Avive retains samples of all lots of custom formulas for random sample analysis in our microbiology laboratory. These lot samples are retained for at least one year after the date they are compounded.

Licensed by Health Canada

Avive Naturals is a leading provider of customized private label supplements. We are a cGMP certified facility approved and licensed by Health Canada (Site License #301498).