At EON Therapeutics, we nurture a healthy culture and we take great pride in our unique combination of science and nature.  EON Therapeutics’ sports nutrition supplements were designed specifically for active individuals that are aware of the importance of good nutrition and complimenting it with high quality, clean supplements. We credit our continued success to our guiding principles which have been constant themes throughout our history. These principles continue to drive everything we do – how we think, how we plan, how we make decisions, and more. We believe these guiding principles help us create truly great products that our customers can rely on.

1.    Therapeutic Value

We believe that all of our products should deliver real sustainable RESULTS. Period.  Our supplements produce the best results when given in appropriate doses as part of a comprehensive health program that includes a healthy diet, exercise, and stress management. Evidence suggests that our supplements can play a significant role in maintaining health, improving performance and benefiting recovery. Our formulations are based on scientific evidence and we use only the most advanced forms and concentrations of ingredients. Our recommended dosages are clinically proven to provide athletic and performance benefits. We help you make the best choices for faster results.

2.    First Class Ingredients

We believe that supplements should be made with the right ingredients, and the best ingredients. This is why we use only all-natural and organic ingredients for all our formulations. We ensure that you get your nutrients in their most natural form in the highest concentrations possible, just the way mother nature intended.  Artificial ingredients pollute the body and cause additional stress that has potentially harmful effects. We cannot help being exposed to thousands of chemicals and contaminants every day, but we can choose to reduce the numbers of toxins we consume.  As an added bonus, this not only reduces the pollution in our own bodies, but also reduces environmental pollution, as organic ingredients are grown using pesticide-free farming methods.

3.    Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment is a foundational principle of naturopathic medicine as described by the Latin term tolle totum. We must pay attention to the body’s nutritional needs, which include a balance of high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, oxygen and water in the correct quantities. The body’s systems – digestive, elimination, circulatory, urinary, endocrine and nervous – should be balanced and functioning well. The individual’s symptoms, stress levels, emotions, and goals should also be taken into consideration.  A holistic approach enables athletes to achieve and maintain higher levels of performance, and also maintain optimal health.

4.  Synergistic Combinations

Synergy is a state in which two or more things work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces a result greater then the sum of their individual effects.  Certain combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs work better when taken together. EON Therapeutics’ unique combinations of active ingredients were carefully chosen with this in mind. This saves you the trouble and expense of taking multiple pills and maximizes your potential results.


Together, we use our guiding principles to produce high-quality supplements that will make a measurable difference to your health and fitness.